Did Rockstar buy CFX/FiveM? (Gaming Industry)

Did Rockstar buy CFX/FiveM? (Gaming Industry)


In the ever-evolving gaming industry, acquisitions and mergers have become commonplace as companies strive to expand their reach and tap into new markets. One such acquisition that has recently made waves is Rockstar's purchase of FiveM, the popular multiplayer modification framework developed by Team CFX. This move has left fans and industry insiders buzzing with excitement and speculation. In this blog entry, we will explore the details of Rockstar's acquisition of FiveM and its potential impact on the gaming landscape.

Rockstar's Strategic Acquisition

Yes, Rockstar has done it: August 2023 marked a significant milestone in the gaming world, as Rockstar Games, the renowned developer behind blockbuster titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, announced their acquisition of FiveM. This move showcases Rockstar's commitment to innovation and their recognition of the immense potential that FiveM brings to the table.

Enhancing Multiplayer Experiences:
FiveM, developed by Team CFX, is a powerful multiplayer modification framework that allows players to create custom multiplayer experiences in Grand Theft Auto V. Its user-friendly interface and robust set of tools have made it a favorite among the GTA V community. With Rockstar's acquisition, the possibilities for enhancing multiplayer experiences within the game have become even more exciting.

The Announcement on CFX Forum

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Acquisition or Partnership?

Many community members reached out to ask about the precise nature of our relationship with Rockstar Games. We are happy to say that Rockstar Games has acquired Cfx.re 381 – which, as long-term fans, we are all incredibly excited about. It is functionally the same team behind the scenes, but with the full support of Rockstar Games, we will be able to strengthen the platform and grow the community even further over time. The use of the term ‘partnership’ in our previous announcement refers to us working together to achieve a common goal: making FiveM the best it can possibly be!

FiveM Forum - Source: https://forum.cfx.re/t/cfx-re-community-pulse-september-2023-edition/5168954

How much Rockstar paid

It is important to note that the specific financial details of Rockstar's acquisition of CFX.re (FiveM) have not been publicly disclosed. Any claims regarding the amount paid by Rockstar to CFX.re, including the figure mentioned by the German YouTuber "Scurrows," should be treated as speculative and not confirmed information. (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX4dJ2kl-BM) - Without official confirmation from Rockstar or CFX.re, it is challenging to determine the exact financial terms of the acquisition. As such, it is recommended to rely on official announcements or reputable sources for accurate information regarding such business transactions.

Expanding the GTA V Community

The acquisition of FiveM by Rockstar is expected to attract a wider audience to Grand Theft Auto V. By incorporating the framework's features and capabilities into the base game, Rockstar aims to provide players with a more immersive and customizable multiplayer experience. This move is likely to reinvigorate interest in the game and encourage new players to join the already thriving GTA V community.

Supporting Modding and Creativity

Historically, Rockstar has taken a cautious approach to modding within their games. While they have not openly supported or encouraged modding, they have acknowledged the creativity and passion of the modding community. However, Rockstar has also been known to take action against certain mods that they believe infringe upon their intellectual property rights or negatively impact the online experience for players.

Impact on the Future of Gaming:
With Rockstar's acquisition of FiveM, there is a potential for a shift in their approach to modding. FiveM is widely recognized for its multiplayer modification framework, which allows players to create custom multiplayer experiences within Grand Theft Auto V. While Rockstar has not explicitly stated their intentions regarding modding support after the acquisition, it is possible that they may leverage FiveM's technology to enhance the multiplayer aspect of their games.

Why did Rockstar do that?

Money! It is worth noting that Rockstar, like any other game developer, has a primary focus on generating revenue. While they may recognize the value of modding communities and the creativity they bring, their ultimate goal is to ensure the financial success of their games. This may lead to certain restrictions or limitations on modding activities that could potentially impact the freedom of players to shape the game according to their preferences. As Rockstar's acquisition of FiveM is still relatively recent, it is difficult to predict the exact direction they will take regarding modding support in the future. While some players may be skeptical about Rockstar's commitment to fostering creativity within the modding community, it is important to wait for official announcements or updates from the company to determine their stance on the matter.


Rockstar's acquisition of FiveM has sparked discussions and speculation about the future of modding within their games. While Rockstar has not historically embraced modding communities openly, the acquisition of FiveM provides an opportunity for potential changes in their approach. However, given Rockstar's focus on monetization, it is crucial to remain cautious and wait for official statements from the company regarding their plans for modding support. As the situation continues to evolve, players and modding enthusiasts should stay informed through official channels and news updates to gain a clearer understanding of Rockstar's stance on modding within their games.