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Store Robberies

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FiveM Robbery Script

Framework Dependencies: none (This can be standalone or work with ANY framework)

Sql Resource Dependencies: none

Resource Dependencies: none

Locales/Translations: English, changeable through languages.lua

OneSync Compatibility

Non-OneSync Compatibility

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Store Robbery
Store Robberies $32.99 Original price was: $32.99.$18.99Current price is: $18.99.


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Video showcase of the FiveM Robbery script

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  • Unique Stores: Every store can differ from another and you can have as many as you want. You are able to set what kind of safe will be at the back, which cameras it disables, how many cops are needed and all the payouts!
  • Shopkeepers with personality: Every store has a shopkeeper which changes by time as well to make it look like a real city with job shifts. Every shopkeeper has it’s own personality, that means some shopkeepers get easier scared where the others ones will fight back. They have configurable options such as, calling the cops early, giving the safe code, their willingness to fight back for the shop and what weapons to they carry with them into the shop.
  • Register Lockpicking: So in case the shopkeeper is not there or it has died there is always an option to lockpick the register and still get the money. The lockpicking is quite hard, check the video.
  • 2 Types of Safes: So we provide you with 2 types of safes, a keypad safe whereas the shopkeeper must give you the code or a padlock one which you need to crack yourself through an advanced minigame.
  • Server-Sided Synchronization: So this script is synchronized through the server. This is done so we have all of the things done working for everyone live without bugs/exploits.
  • Ped-Handler: We created our own ped handler which makes sure the maximum spawned peds would be 1 (Pretty much deletes the peds if you are far away). This is done so you won’t get crashes regarding pool sizes and for optimization.
  • Fully Customizable Config: Just from the config alone you can change anything without the need of any advanced coding skills.


Store Robberies are well optimized. Including the ped handler makes it a lot better actually.

  • Store Robberies : 0.01-0.02 ms.
  • Draw 3D Text : 0.04-0.05 ms. (This is completely changeable depending if you wanna use it in your server)
  • Garbage Collector: 0.00ms


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