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Staff Portal (Web Panel) – Warn, Kick, Ban, Command

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Welcome to the staff portal, this website & resource allows you to punish players even if they’re not in-game! It stores players and their information in a database and lets you warn / kick / ban players from your servers. It supports multiple servers and shares a players list and bans between all your servers.


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FiveM Staff Panel
Staff Portal (Web Panel) - Warn, Kick, Ban, Command $43.99 Original price was: $43.99.$18.99Current price is: $18.99.


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This can also be ran standalone on Linux / Windows without a webserver but without SSL. FiveM Staff Panel for administrators for your server!


  • Warn players.
  • Kick players.
  • Temporarily ban players.
  • Permanently ban players.
  • Commend players.
  • Trust Score system.
  • Playtime tracker.
  • View your profile.
  • In-Game commands.
  • Logs.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Easy setup.
  • Multi-server support.
  • No Lag.
  • Discord authentication.
  • Dark theme.
  • Staff statistics.
  • Permissions system.

In-Depth Look

Warn Players

Warning players will instantly show a notification on their screen telling them why they’ve been warned. It doesn’t disrupt them completely, but they couldn’t miss it. This warning then gets put onto their record.

Kick Players

Kicking players will instantly drop them from the server with a message on their screen telling them why they’ve been kicked. They can immediately join back. This kick then gets put onto their record.

Banning Players

Banning players will instantly drop them from the server with a message on their screen telling them why they’ve been banned. They can not join back until the time specified, or they can never join back if the ban is permanent. This ban then gets put onto their record.

Commend Players

Commending players will instantly give them a small message letting them know they’ve been commended, it will also boost their trust score by an amount you can specify in the config of the portal.

Trust Score System

Every player starts with a percentage trust score out of 100% that is configurable in the portal. This trust score goes up based off actions like getting commended and also playtime across all linked servers.

Playtime Tracker

Every player’s playtime is automatically tracked and store by the portal. This effects the player’s trust score and can also be useful to staff when looking for things like cheaters.

View Your Profile

Every player can check their own profile and their previous punishments if they login to the portal, this stops them having to request their record from staff.

In-Game Commands

Staff members can use commands in-game to punish players to stop them having to open the website for every punishment.


Logs can be enabled through Discord web hooks that log everything that happens on the portal. This includes all punishments and possible actions.

Easy Configuration

The portal comes with a config JSON file that is easily configured to your needs. The portal also comes with a basic set up guide for anyone that does get stuck. But if the worst comes to worst anyone can always ask for help in Discord.

Easy Setup

The portal is extremely easy to set up, running purely off JavaScript you simply need to run a node process in the background and install the staff resource on all of your servers. You do NOT need to set up your own web server for the portal. It will run on any VPS / Dedicated Server.

Multi-server Support

With multi-server support, you can add an unlimited amount of servers to the portal and all punishments and players will be shared across all of these servers.

No Lag

I’ve used a different approach to other alternatives out there, instead of using RCon we use a different system which results in instant results when punishing players and browsing the portal. This also allows the portal to support up to 1024 players without lag.

Discord Authentication

The portal uses Discord authentication for everything, meaning players will need Discord to join your server, while a steam version is in progress. Discord makes it much easier to assign permissions through roles and manage everyone easily.

Dark Theme

The portal is set up to be as simple as possible for staff, it also uses a dark theme as I got a lot of messages about this when I originally asked for feedback on a light mode version. It’s extremely easy to get used to for a new staff member.

Staff Statistics

Staff will be able to see their own stats, higher staff will also be able to look at all staff’s stats. This can be useful for looking when staff have been active on the portal over a certain time period. Stats will go extremely detailed.

Permissions System

With a custom permissions system, you can customize what every part of the panel each staff member can do.

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