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Premium Female/Male Clothes Pack

Original price was: 50.48 €.Current price is: 24.30 €.

  • 6.4 GB of clothings
  • Female and male
  • Tattoos and accessoires included

Make sure you have a FiveM Patreon license on your server

I made a special package for fivem servers with more than 19 thousand clothes-hair-accessories-shoes-hats-rings-tattoo options.
The outfit pack has been optimized and we have easy ways to optimize it.
In it, there are faces with female-male mode, skin-colored and modded bodies.
You just have to buy it and start it.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to upload all images. I’ll leave a few videos and some photos.
You can have men’s clothes and women’s clothes that you can’t find anywhere.
  • You can add differences to your server with men’s and women’s special face models and skin colors.​
  • We have special body clothes for pregnant and patient roles.​
  • The package includes outfits for all departments like lspd sheriff!

    +650 customer
    +600 good feedback!

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Premium Female/Male Clothes Pack 50.48  Original price was: 50.48 €.24.30 Current price is: 24.30 €.


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