Password Whitelist Script

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This script secures your server with a password.

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Config file

-- Config
Config = {}
Config.UseWhitelist = false -- Use whitelist? Only people that are whitelisted are allowed to join.
Config.UsePassword = false -- Use password? If whitelist and password are true, you have to be whitelisted and know the password.
Config.Password = 'PASSWORD' -- Password
Config.Attempts = 3 -- How many attempts a user has to enter the correct password
Config.CleverMode = true -- Use clever mode? If this is true, you will have to either be whitelisted *or* know the password. Recommended.
Config.DiscordLink = '' -- Your Discord server invite link.
Config.Whitelist = { -- You normally only need one identifier per person.
'steam:11000010a2324b4', -- Puntherline: Steam
'license:145ebc08c3ab10a72172c4e98483a4329a3f876e', -- Puntherline: FiveM
'xbl:2535410249652434', -- Puntherline: Xbox Live
'live:1055521767134379', -- Puntherline: Live again?
'discord:250304825902759936', -- Puntherline: Discord
'ip:' -- Puntherline: IP

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