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Document Robbery Job

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It’s a new robbery that players can steal documents from offices then sell them to Pawn Shop (Illegal ESX Job)

you can choose security jobs between police and sheriff for each office in order to get the alarm to defend the place

after robbery is finished police or sheriff can see how many documents have been stolen to take them back if they arrested the robber. In heavy RP servers we cannot just take everything from robber ! because we need proof right ? in order to do that police will go to the location and can see the stolen amount.


  • you can add as many offices as you want to make that office becomes a robbery place
  • police and sheriff are the security jobs that you can choose for each office you add
  • alarm will trigger to the security job that you have set for each office
  • security jobs can end the robbery at the marker of the robbery
  • pawnshop included
  • you can add more items in pawnshop and set the prices too
  • fully optimized 0.01 ms in idle and 0.02 ms when you near the markers
  • full open source you can edit every part
  • included guidance, sql, image and customized progressBar
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Document Robbery Job $14.99 Original price was: $14.99.$9.99Current price is: $9.99.


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