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ESX Inventory
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  • Drag and drop
  • Using items
  • Dropping items
  • Giving items
  • Cash included
  • Accounts support (bank, black money, …)
  • Weight Supported
  • Weapons as items
  • 5 Usable Fast Items hotbar: 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 keys
  • Blocked Weapon Wheel
  • Inventory items notification (anytime you receive or lose an item, check installation for more info)
  • Fast items Hotbar , ALT is the default key.
  • Animations with props, when you give an item. Check the config to add more props to each item!
  • Integrated status hud, so you can have a clean hud while you play!
  • Easy shortcuts to use items, double click uses the item and closes the inventory, right click puts the item on fast item hotbar or in the second inventory.
  • Steal the body of a dead or handcuffed player!
  • Optimized
  • Some other stuff, I’ll probably remember later :slight_smile:

17 reviews for Conde B1g ESX Inventory (FREE)

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