Colored Headlights

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This FiveM Colored headlights script lets you choose colors for your vehicle. Choose between new Xenon colors. Perfectly fitting for gangs. Standalone or for ESX framework. Features: matif_headlights also known as Matif Xenon Headlights is a resource made for fivem to make player’s experience regarding vehicle’s xenon headlights color change, in a highly optimized way. The script consists in a nice UI that you can use to change your vehicle’s headlights. In the zip file you receive two different versions a standalone one and an ESX (“es_extended”) version aswell. In the standalone version to open the UI you should use the /headlights command, but before that you should install this extra in your vehicle using /installheadlights command. In the ESX version it is similar but the car needs to be owned by someone, and in order to use the /installheadlights command you need to be a mechanic in order to create some roleplay situations regarding the vehicle’s headlights. Requirements: As said in the features part, this script comes with a standalone, and an ESX version. In the standalone version you just need the database script mysql-async, and in the ESX version you need to es_extended. Please note that both, the “old ESX” version and the newer stable ESX’s versions are compatible with this script. Note: Using client-side visual mods can obstruct with the script, so it isn’t recommended for you to use them. Changing resource name could potentially break it so leave it as matif_headlights

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