Chalk Board Signs (QB/ESX)

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FiveM Chalkboard script


  • Custom prop included.
  • Objects will be deleted once the script is stopped.
  • Ability to put infinite number of board signs.
  • Can be either used as item or with commands [configurable]
  • Signs are saved to database and will be present even after a server restart.
  • Light-weight and optimized script (both client and server side) with 0.00 ms resmon time
  • Objects will show to players when they are near the signs and will be deleted when they are away from them in an efficient and 100% user-friendly way.
  • Fully synced between players.
  • Fully unlocked resource ( No Encryption )
  • ESX and QBCore compatible
  • A great UI.
  • Item configuration and photo included

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