Blips Creator

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Blips Creator for FiveM servers

This script allows players to create their own blips, and allows administrators to easily create global blips


  • Players can create, edit and delete their own blips very easily
  • Blips can be placed in the map without knowing any coordinates, or if you prefer, you can use coordinates too
  • Players can share their blips with anyone
  • Administrators can create, edit and delete global blips, which will be seen by all players
  • All blips can be hidden by the players, so if they prefer not seeing a blip that can be done easily
  • More than 500 icons can be used for the blips
  • All the blips can have a custom color
  • Blips can be shown in main map, minimap or both
  • Blips can be duplicated easily, so you can create multiple copies of a blip but in different locations
  • Standalone

Blips types

  • Coordinates Blip – The player can choose the blip icon from hundreds of icons
  • Radius Blip – This blip will be a circle with radius defined by the player
  • Area Blip – This blip will be an area with customizable width and height


  1. Download the script
  2. Extract wherever you want into your resources
  3. Add ACE permission “blipcreator” to allow admins create global blips
  4. Add SQL file to database
  5. Add ensure blips_creator in your server.cfg

How to add ACE permission?

You should place this in server.cfg, and editing it with your license

add_ace group.admin blipcreator allow # Add permission to group

# Can also be identifier.steam:steamid
add_principal identifier.license:1260e6efd3271584d7ed05n45cbf41575252acbc group.admin

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