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Why our QBCore Scripts are amazing

  1. Seamless Integration: 100% seamlessly integrated and compatible. Otherwise = money back.
  2. High Performance: Optimized for 1ms resmon.
  3. Regular Updates and Support: Regular updates to fox bugs, introduce new features, and enhance performance.

We are there if something does not work.

How To Install QBCore Scripts

1. Get the Script Files

  • Download the script files.
  • Access your FiveM server files, either through FTP or locally.

2. Locate Your “resources” Folder

  • Find the “resources” folder in your server files. This is where all your scripts go.

3. Extract the Script Files

  • If your script files are compressed (like ZIP or RAR), extract them into a new folder within the “resources” directory.
  • Make sure everything from the script download is in the right place.

4. Update Your Server Configuration

  • Open the “server.cfg” file in the main directory of your FiveM server files using a text editor.
  • Add a line: ensure foldername (replace “foldername” with the name of your script’s folder).

5. Start or Restart Your FiveM Server

  • Save your changes to “server.cfg”.
  • Start or restart your FiveM server to apply the changes and load the new script.