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MLOs (Multi-Level Overlays) in FiveM are like new places or buildings added into the game by players or developers. They’re kinda like new levels or rooms you can check out, but in the game world. So, when you hear about FiveM MLOs, think of them as cool new places you can explore and hang out in while playing your game!

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How To Install FiveM MLO

  1. Download the MLO: After purchasing your desired MLO from our store, download the files to your computer.
  2. Extract Files: Extract the downloaded files using a file extraction program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. Ensure you have access to the extracted files before proceeding.
  3. Locate Your FiveM Server Directory: Navigate to your FiveM server directory on your server hosting provider or your local machine. This directory typically contains your server resources, configurations, and other necessary files.
  4. Upload MLO Files: Upload the extracted MLO files to the ‘resources’ or ‘resource’ directory within your FiveM server directory. If you’re using a hosting provider, you may need to access your server via FTP or a file manager provided by your host.
  5. Edit Server.cfg: Open your ‘server.cfg’ file located in your FiveM server directory using a text editor. Add a new line for the MLO resource you just uploaded. The line should look like this:
    ensure [resource name]

    Replace ‘[resource name]’ with the name of the folder containing the MLO files.

  6. Start Your FiveM Server: Once you’ve added the MLO resource to your ‘server.cfg’ file, save the changes and start your FiveM server. The server will load the new MLO resource along with any other resources specified in the configuration file.
  7. Test In-Game: Join your FiveM server and navigate to the location where you installed the MLO. Ensure that the MLO loads correctly and that players can interact with the new environment as intended.
  8. Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues during installation or while testing the MLO in-game, refer to the documentation provided with the MLO or reach out to our support team for assistance.

That’s it.